Saturday, June 12, 2010

Had a great trip to Japan in 2008 with a group of quilters, lead by Lynn Hewitt. While we were there, we met up with a wonderful group of Japanese quilters. We took some show and tell and shared experiences with them. I took a memory quilt (pillow case, actually) that I'd made for my daughter. On our last day in Kyoto we were taken to a Dying workshop where we were guided through the steps to make a printed hankerchief. It was similar to silk screening, except we worked with stencils, five in all. We were shown how to match up each stencil to keep the scene true. I chose an autumn scene and include it on the back of the challenge quilt we made when we came home.


  1. The printed hankerchief is gorgeous. I would love to know more about your trip to Japan.

  2. Gorgeous! Sounds like a wonderful trip.